Letter and Number Interventions: Includes Freebies!

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If you're new to my blog, I'm an intervention specialist for kindergarten and I absolutely love the age group and students I get to work with! It's hard to believe we're almost half way through the year! With that being said, typically it's our goal for students to have secured all letter names, letter sounds, and numbers (0-20) by the end of December. At this point, I still have quite a few students who have not yet mastered this. Due to this I restructured my intervention time and some of the strategies I have used for my students. By making these interventions data driven and multisensory, I have already seen so much growth!

I'm sure these tips, startegies, and freebies will help your little ones too! This is great for your intervention or RTI time. I would recommend using these startegies for students who are on IEPs, ESL learners, or students who are not making or making minimal progress towards these skills.

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Step 1: Flashcards
During the first few minutes of my intervention time, we play "my pile, your pile" I've found that this is a little more fun and motivates students more than just doing flashcards. I show students the number or letter flashcards. If they get it correct, it goes in their pile. If they do not get it correct, it goes in my pile. Students "win" this game, so they really enjoy it! ☺️

Students love this quick way to review! We call it a game and they always win! :)

After we have gone through all of the cards. I take my pile (letters/numbers students did not know) and quickly show them and tell them the number or letter. I do not have them try to identify it. I just quickly go back over the letters/numbers to give students more exposure to them.

The number cards are a freebie! Keep reading to grab them!

Step 2: Take Data
From here, you can also take data on numbers/letters students know. Once a week, I do a quick - (minus) symbol next to the letters/numbers students missed. While I am recording the data, I let students graph how many letters/numbers they knew. Seeing it in a graph, usually helps motivate them too!

You can use this information to: track the effectiveness of your interventions, drive your instruction, report on grades/IEP progress/student progress, and/or take this information to any kind of RTI meetings.

An Example of Data Collection. Get this free! :) 

Step 3: Flip Book
After I have quickly taken data or just mentally noted a letter/number students did not know, I choose a flip book based off of a letter/number that the student has not yet mastered.

There are two ways to use this! One option, would be to laminate it and put it on rings. This will allow you to reuse it. Another option is to just print it and staple it like a “mini book.” This will allow students to write, draw, paint,  or use a dauber directly on it.

Get your tools ready! These help make learning FUN!
See more about what I use at the end of the post!

My favorite way is to laminate it so I can reuse it again and again! However, I have printed it and made it into a mini book for some of students who enjoy using a dauber due to fine motor needs. 

First, here are some ways you can use these if you choose to laminate: 

Adding some puffy paint is a great way to engage your tactile learners! Students can trace or tap with their fingers! Laminate then add the paint. :) 

Manipulatives, mini erasers, and play-dough are some of my favorite things to use!

Dry erase markers are a great tool to use with these!

Finally, I store these in a small box in alphabetical and numerical order so I can easily grab them!

You can also print and staple these to make a mini book for students! 

Students can dab, dab, dab on these!

Students can use markers, highlighters, and pens to write or draw directly in these!



Use letter/number tiles or magnets on either option too!

See them in action!

Step 4: Reflect/Document
I understand that as teachers, we are so limited in our time and we don't always have time to do much reflecting. However, I have found it very important just to quickly write down what letter/number we worked on that day. Also, if time allows, a quick note on how the student did with it. This helped me for a few reasons.

  • I was able to focus on a variety of letters, without repeating the same one too memory is terrible when it comes to this! Especially when I do this intervention with a few students, I can't even remember the letter /number we worked on the previous day. 
  • It also showed me how many exposures students had to each letter/number. If I have exposed them to the same one several times and they still do not know it, I need to change my instruction.  This can also provide insight  if your student can be successful with tier 2 support or they may be in need of tier 3. 

Ready to try out this resource?!? Click the picture below or right HERE! You can try it out with the letters b and d and the numbers 2 and 5! These are the letters and numbers that are often mixed up!

Again, I love these interventions because they are easy to implement, effective, and fun for students! Part of what makes these so much fun are the tools students get to use! Scroll down or click here to check out my favorite tools for assembling these rings and engaging students!

First, my students LOVE anytime they get to use these daubers! I've definitely found that having a pack (or three...) of these really engages students!

For my manipualtives, I always really like using mini erasers! I get them from the Target Dollar Spot or you can find some similar ones here on Amazon!
For the "fill it in" or "sequence" page I like using letter and number magnets

Love these 2 in 1 dry erase markers! Kids do too!

To Assemble...

Of course you can copy these on regular paper but I like to do different colors! :) I am a big fan of Astrobrights!

I grabbed a pack of these off of Amazon so I could assemble all of my rings!


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