So... I love food and I love teaching! If you can combine the two then I am a very happy teacher. If you're like me, I thought you might enjoy reading about my favorite food themed lesson! This is something I've seen around Pinterest and in lots of classrooms! It's a great way to teach spacing to your little learners!

Giving your kiddos clear visuals and referencing things they are familiar with is a great way to help students learn. Not only are lessons with themes tons of fun for your little ones, but they help students to make connections!  When students can make connections, it makes their learning meaningful and much more memorable.

Click the picture to get this anchor chart!

When I start the lesson, I show students the anchor chart above. I tell students when they write, little spaces go between their letters, like spaghetti noodles. Larger spaces, like meatballs, go between words. I even let students come up to the anchor chart to glue uncooked noodles or pieces of yellow yarn between the letters in the sentences at the bottom.

Practicing our spacing on the SmartBoard
After students understand the concept, I show them an example of spacing on the SmartBoard. Then I add in the "spaghetti and meatballs." I let students come up and do the same!

Click here to get this!
After we've practiced together, I give my students some independent practice! They get their own spaghetti and meatball writing paper, seen above. Students also get a separate paper with meatballs printed on it. They cut out and glue those meatballs between their words as they write. Then, they can draw in their spaghetti spaces between their letters with a yellow marker. 

Well I hope you got some new ideas for teaching spacing to your students! If you would like to purchase the writing paper and printables to make your own anchor chart, you can purchase it at my TPT by shop by clicking here!

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