Hello friends! Lately I've been getting some questions about how I decorated my classroom door! I wanted to write a quick blog post with some free printables to help you create this door too!

My classroom door!
First, the beautiful paper cloud at the top of the door was created using an awesome blog post from the amazing Doodle Bugs TeachingClick here to check out her blog post so you can create your own. I absolutely love my paper cloud and I'm so glad it held up all year long. Now I can use it for my classroom next year! Yay! It took me a while to create but it was so worth it because I can use it over and over it's so pretty! I definitely recommend finding a good show to binge-watch on Netflix while you create it. ;)

Once your paper cloud is finished, you will need to cover your door with black paper.  After that, it's time to hang the paper cloud! After some trial and error, I found the best way to attach my paper cloud to the door was with 3M Scotch Mounting Tape. You can grab my favorite kind here!

Once your door is covered and the cloud is hung, you can figure out where you want the letters to go. I liked hanging the paper cloud first because I was able to position the letters so they were not covered by the paper cloud. 

Print out the letters. I used Recollections Cardstock Paper to print out the word "rainbow." I love this paper because it has so many different bright colors! Perfect for a fun rainbow!  I used plain White Card Stock on the rest of the door. I've included a link to the printable letters below.

Once the letters are printed, you can just cut them out using your scissors. No need for a fancy Cricut or anything like that! :)

After I cut out my letters, I put them in order. Then, I glued them to my door.

Optional: you can add in some brightly colored raindrops and/or twisted pipe cleaners to fill in some of the empty space. To make the raindrops, I just drew them on my bright paper, cut them out, and glued them on the door.

If you like this door but don't have the time or are not allowed to decorate your door, click the picture below to grab it free as a poster! Two different versions are included.

Hope this tutorial and freebies are helpful! A big thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for allowing me to link up to her blog post so I could include the paper cloud tutorial!

Happy decorating,


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