Hello friends! I can't believe another school year is coming to an end! With our building under construction and many of new changes coming to our district, we have a very long summer ahead of us! A long summer sounds like a teacher's dream right? Although I am excited to have a little extra time with my family, I am worried about my students regressing!

What can we do to prevent the summer slide? Well, we all know how important it is to get our kids reading every day! Most of our high-achieving students will be reading throughout the summer because they enjoy it. As for our students who need to be reading the most, they typically need a little more motivation. One of the best motivators I've found is to use reading logs. Reading logs can help to keep students accountable for their reading and it can be a great visual too.

Just sending home a reading log sounds kind of boring right? Thinking of myself as a student, it would have gotten lost by the first day of summer. To make summer reading a little more fun, I like to  put together personalized baggies for students.

The first thing I add to the baggie is a letter to parents explaining the reading log and our goal. I'll include a link below so you can grab your copy of the FREE letter! I always like to include my letters on brightly colored paper so they stand out! My favorite paper is Astrobrights! It's so bright, fun, and sturdy! Click the link to grab it!

Next, you will need to add a reading log.  I copied mine front to back. Add as many as you think your students will need!

To remind students to keep on reading and to add something fun, I like to include special bookmarks! You can grab these for free too!

Finally, I wanted to add something personal to my students' reading baggies, so I added a cute cover! I took my students' photos reading a book and added them to the cover page, included in the freebie. You don't have to add their picture but I think it makes it a lot more fun and they really enjoyed it!

I also added some printable books and passages to my students baggies! You may want to do this if students don't have access to reading materials at their level. I always seem to have some extra books or passages left over at the end of the year so those have been great to add!

To increase motivation, I like to give students a small reward when they return their reading log after summer break!

If you want to grab the materials listed above click the image below to grab them for FREE!

What do you do to motivate your students to read during the summer? Leave me a comment below!


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