Hi all! I've been completely slacking on blogging so I'm glad to be back! A while ago, I posted a picture on my Instagram of some "Magic Compare and Contrast Glasses" that I had used with my first graders. I got so many questions about them that I decided to blog about how I use them and how to put them together!

How to use the glasses: 

Well, there are a couple of different ways. One way would be to have students make the glasses when you introduce Venn Diagrams. Before introducing Venn Diagrams, I discussed with students the definitions and comparing and contrasting. We also practiced comparing and contrasting some topics that students are familiar with. Some ideas of familiar topics are: two different students in the classroom, a student and the teacher, cats, and dogs,  summer and winter, hotdogs and hamburgers. Then, I show students a Venn Diagram and show where the things that we compared and contrasted would be located.

Another way would be to make one set and use them during a whole class activity. The student who is comparing or contrasting can put on the magic glasses while they do so. I know it sounds kind of silly, but it has been a HUGE motivator. Seriously, before that my students cringed at the sight of a Venn Diagram. Now, they can't wait to have a chance to compare and contrast with a Venn Diagram!

How to assemble the glasses: 

Want to give them a try? Click to grab the free printable!

How do you teach comparing and contrasting in your classroom? How will you use these glasses? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Happy teaching,