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Being an intervention specialist, I've spent some time traveling from room-to-room and been in some tinyyy spaces! With that, it can be difficult to set up bulletin boards or display visuals. If you have a small space or if you work with your students in small groups, I think you'll like this resource and freebie too!

This display easel has become one of my FAVORITE classroom resources because there are so many great ways to use it!

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Check it out in action!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use this display easel:

1. Small Group Writing
My favorite use for this is when I work with small groups during writing! I love this because I can easily differentiate what I am helping students with. For example, I have some students who still need to refer to their letters for help with formation. I have other students who are already using vowel teams in their writing! When a student asks me how to spell something or what a letter looks like, I can flip to that page and help them stretch out the word! I've included several pages for your students to refer to as a freebie!

2. A Mini Word Wall
This year is the first year in a while that I have had enough space to put up a word wall! If you are short on space or have students who have difficulty seeing a word wall, this one page resource will be great for you! I have a blank copy included below and I have an editable version here!

3. Guided Reading

I keep my decoding strategy posters in the pockets chart of this so I can easily flip to my strategy posters. I like to use them when I teach a new one or I when I want students to focus on a strategy.

Grab this page as part of the freebie!

Individual decoding posters are available here! 

4. Teaching New Concepts 

Do you have a ton of page sized posters from TpT or that you have created? Me too! When I introduce a new concept, I like to put it in the pocket of this so I can refer to it and display it!

If you are interested in grabbing this easel, it's a great deal on Amazon and ships fast! You can grab it here!

Click the photo below to grab the phonics printables for free! They fit perfectly in the flip easel!

Hope this freebie is helpful in your classroom!

Happy Teaching,


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