Setting Up Your Writing Center

Hello friends! Who else has been busy working in their classroom? It can definitely get overwhelming trying to get everything set up. Don't stress, friends! I'm here to help! 

I wanted to show you my FAVORITE part of my classroom and how you can set it up quickly and easily while still sticking to a budget! I'm going to share some tips and fabulous freebies with you!

Here it is…

My writing center is functional, cute, and was surprisingly easy to put together! Obviously your classroom doesn't have to be cute to benefit your students but my students CAN'T  WAIT to have the change to write in this space! :) It's been a huge motivator and can even be used as an incentive! 

So let me break it down for you where everything is from:

First, I'm going to talk about the items I had to purchase. I'll get to the digital downloads below :)

The desk- I purchased the desk for $5 at our local flea market! I added some paint and ta-da it was ready to go! If you want to do the same, I would recommend checking out some local flea markets or thrift stores! So many great and inexpensive classroom finds there!

The gumball machine full of erasers- You can get a great deal on these on Amazon! Click here to grab a similar gumball machine!

Space Spacemen (in the little black pail)- These little guys are from Really Good Stuff. Let me just say, these are great for kindergarteners and students who tend to leave out spaces between words in their writing! Get these guys here! 

As for the rest of the items I purchased…

If you know me, you know I love Target! The black pail, rainbow editing box, and writing banner are all from Target! 

Now the digital downloads: 

First my favorite… the pencil drawer labels!- These are at my TPT shop. You can get them with either a black or white background. They are also editable if you want to make your own labels! Click here to get them! The labels are 1.75 inches tall by 6.08 inches wide and will fit a box that is about 7 inches wide by 7 inches tall. Click here to get similar drawers! 

The "I can" Writing Posters (available in either a black or white background) - These are available at my TPT store! Get them here

Rainbow Editing- You can't see this one but it's inside the little box labeled "Rainbow Editing." This is a great tool for your writing center if you want your kiddos going back and check their work! Get your students checking their work and improving their writing by clicking here!

Sentence Starter Posters-  *FREEBIE* Get these posters at my Facebook page! It's under the tab "Sparkling Fan Freebies" along with other free resources! If you are having difficulty finding the posters make sure you are on a DESKTOP. The fan freebie tab won't show up on a phone. :)

The rest of the downloads are freebies from other amazing teacher sellers and bloggers! 

Amazing Work Coming Soon!- Get these signs from the fabulous, Teaching in High Heels

Giant Writers Pencil- From The Teacher Wife's Blog

There you have it friends! I hope this has been helpful! What do you keep in your writing center? I would love to hear!

Happy Teaching!,

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