Having A Ball at School: Door Decor Tutorial

Hi friends! This week I head back to school! This is year six for me and definitely bitter sweet. I was home with my son for four months so it's a little difficult to go back! Since I have a new baby, I didn't want to spend too much time on my classroom door but I still wanted it to be cute! I'm slowly transitioning my classroom to a farmhouse theme so I wanted my door to match it.

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Here is my classroom door:

First, I covered my door with this beauitfuuuul shiplap paper! I covered three of my bulletin boards with this paper as well. After that, I still had a lot left over... which I LOVE! You can grab this Fadeless Bulletin Board Shiplap Paper by clicking the link!

I added some White Scalloped Border around the edges and it really made it look so much nicer!

Next the garland, I fully intended to make my own but..... it just didn't happen this year. Luckily, Amazon to the rescue! I bought my Burlap and Lace Tassel Garland  a few days before we went back and have no regrets because it's beautiful!! If you decide to make your own, it's really simple! I made one for my desk years ago and I love it! I found the tutorial on how to do it by doing a simple search on Pinterest.

Now for the mason jars. I did a large one in the center of the door and smaller ones with students' names surrounding it. For the smaller jars, I bought some mason jar clipart from another teacher on Teachers Pay Teachers. As much as I would love to make this editable, I can't, because it would violate the clip artist terms of use. I am not able to add only clipart and that is all the document would be. If you would like to purchase the clipart from this seller and add your students names, you can purchase it from her here! To add students' names you will just need to add the clipart to a separate document (like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint) and use a text box over the image to add the names.

If you are not feeling very techie-that's OK! You can always write students' names! Just grab some cute mason jar cut-outs and just write student names on the cut-outs. I found a few options on Amazon! I love these Shabby Chic Mason Jars from Teacher Created Resources. If you want something more simple, you can try these Schoolgirl Style Industrial Chic Mason Jars Cut-Outs. Both are pictured below.

 .                     .        
Two different options for mason jars to add student names to. 

Finally, I've included the large mason jar as a freebie.


Click the image to check out my blog post on how to enlarge the mason jar!

The mason jar is linked below. I enlarged mine to 300% in order to get it to the size I wanted. Go to the blog post linked above to learn how to enlarge yours!  I've included the kindergarten mason jar that I used. I also wanted to add one that would work for all teachers so I've included one that says "having a ball at school." As much as I'd like to create one for every teacher, at this time I can only offer these two choices. :)

Hope this blog post was helpful! If you decide to use this decor, I would love to see it!

Happy decorating,


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  1. can you tell me the name of the font you used to write on the mason jar?

  2. Hello! I would love to use this jar for my classroom door. Is it possible to upload a copy without the writing on it so teachers can personalize it?

  3. I love this door! Is there anyway to get it editable to change the grade level?

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