Closing out the Year...From a Distance

What a year it has been...I read a quote online today where someone compared the end of this school year to unpacking from a vacation you never took...Such a weird, sad end of the year. I've been trying to find a way to celebrate all of the hard work my students have done and mark the beginning of summer. I wanted to get my students a little gift and celebrate their transition to first grade. In the past, the first grade intervention specialist and I would do a "Growing to First" activity. You can read about it and grab the freebies to do this activity here. To adapt this activity to the current situation, I record myself reading Little Seed's Journey and completed the activity as much as possible. I emailed the link of the video to parents and included a QR Code linked to the video in students' gift bags. 

In the video I also planted some flowers, the same ones sent to students.In the video, I also had the first grade intervention specialist tell students about herself and first grade so they could get to know her. I edited this in at the end of the video since we did not get together to record this.

I included these in students' bags

I included this printable in students' bags We talked about ways we can "grow" over the summer.

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Click the image to read more about this activity
I've now updated this activity to include first and second grade!! Click the picture to grab the FREE printables!

For the gift bags, I found a great deal on some here-available on Amazon.

In the bags, I included:
*Sunglasses! I have a low number of students so the 12 pack worked for me but I've also linked a 30 pack so you can save! :) 

Here is my son modeling an extra pair 😂😎

*Slime!-At the end of the year, I wanted to make slime with my students. Since we didn't get to do this, I sent the ingredients and directions to families so they could do this at home! I thought it would be a fun activity to combat the boredom too!

  • I have a super simple 3 ingredient recipe (baking soda, contact solution, and glue) included. Click here to grab the free printable!
  • Add a fun and free tag here!
  • Don't want to send the ingredients? Grab a great deal on BULK SLIME day shipping too! You can send students some slime as a gift along with the recipe so they can make their own later! :) 

I also wrote each student a card along with the "growing to first" activities, above, and their own seed packet.

Hope these freebies and links can help make your end of the year a little easier! What are you doing for the end for the end of the year? Leave me a comment!

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