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Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've blogged or done much related to school or curriculum development. The last few months have been extremely difficult to say the least... In February our family was blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Elodie. Sadly, she passed away shortly after she was born.  Since her passing she has been our guardian angel and every time I see a butterfly I think of her. When it was time to decorate my door I knew I wanted butterflies and A LOT of them. 🦋 

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I know you're a busy teacher so I'll get right to the freebies and where everything is from. 

First, I knew I wanted a ton of colorful butterflies. I thought about cutting them out but decided to save myself the time and headache and ordered these awesome ones from Amazon. They are great quality and so pretty and unique!

A few tips for the butterflies:
  • Arrange your butterflies according to color or however you want them to appear on your door first.
  • These come with sticky type tape to attach them to your door but try not move them around much when they are on your door or bulletin board. I moved mine a lot and had a few pop off. I was able to easily reattach them so they would stay with some sticky tack though.
  • Be sure to "fluff" the wings when they are on. This makes them look like they are flying!

I printed my letters on to this pretty watercolor paper! 😍I also got this from Amazon.

After printing, I laminated them so they would last all year.

This laminator is done for after this project. 😩 It jammed beyond repair on my last letter (of course, right?) Check out my new favorite one at the bottom. Best of all it's jam proof!!

Click the image below or here to get the printable letters!

I hope this door brightens up your classroom and is a special reminder of how precious life and all of your little ones are. Please give your children and/or students an extra hug when you see them! 

Have a wonderful year!

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My new favorite laminator. 10/10 would recommend! ❤


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