Easter Egg Craftivity

Happy spring! Even though it is still snowing in Ohio.... 😐.....we are ready to start on some fun spring and Easter crafts!

My teaching partner and I planned do some fun craftivities before our spring break. We decided to have students design their own Easter egg and write about it! Not only did students really enjoy this activity, but it made for a great hallway display!

To start off the craft and get students thinking about designing their eggs, we read them a story. There are tons of great books on eggs!

We chose The Golden Egg by A.J. Wood (perfect, because these eggs are sooo shiny #hearteyes)

After reading the book, we talked about different ways we can design an egg. You can always make an anchor chart or print out some vocabulary terms to get students thinking!

Click the image to grab these vocabulary words!

Not gonna lie, I'm not the most crafty person...I love making teaching resources on my computer but when it comes to actual crafts...(painting, sewing, drawing, etc...) I'm pretty helpless. Luckily, my mom is our school librarian and a verryyy crafty person. She had some time in her day to help our students decorate their eggs. It was seriously so simple (even I can do, safe for kids, beautiful, and only required two ingredients!

To make this craft, first we needed an egg template. I will leave the template below as a freebie! You can cut them out ahead of time for students or they can cut them out.

Click the picture to get the egg printable for free!

Now, to make the fun paint. All you need is Karo Syrup and food coloring. Remember when I said I wasn't a crafty person? Part of that probably comes from my lack of detail on things like this.... If I had to estimate, I would say we used one bottle of Karo Syrup and some food box (4 pack) will be more than enough! The Karo Syrup can all depend on how many students you have though. You definitely should not need more than two bottles.

To mix up the paint, we used cups and popsicle sticks. We poured about 1/3 of a cup of Karo Syrup into each cup and and then about 3-4 drops of food coloring. Then, stir it up!

Students were given brushes, wax paper to sit their eggs on, and paper plates/paper towels to sit their brushes on. I would definitely have students put their eggs on a paper towel or wax paper. If there are spills it can get sticky!

To make this project work, we put a few colors at each table. After students used their color, they could move to a new table and use another color. That way, brushes and paint stayed put! Just remind students to carefully carry their eggs! You can always put a few colors at each table so students don't have to move, whatever works best for you!


We let them dry overnight! That way they were ready to go for the next day....writing!

Just to recap on the craft, you will need:
-Egg cut outs, one for each student (free printable above)
-Karo Syrup
-Food Coloring
-Popsicle sticks
-Wax paper or something to sit the eggs on so you don't have messy tables!
-Paint brushes
-Wipes if you have any spills. This can get sticky!

Grab some of my favorites....

Yay Neon!

After the eggs dried, the next day we began writing. We passed back student eggs and talked about them. Again, we used the vocabulary words from the previous day. This was very helpful when it came to writing!

Students were given special writing paper and wrote about their eggs! We encouraged them to use color words and give as much detail about their eggs as they could.

Grab the writing paper and vocabulary words HERE!

Get the paper by clicking the image!

Get the paper by clicking the image!

Get the vocabulary words clicking the image!

When students are finished writing, you can make a display by gluing everything on a large piece of paper. 

Ta-da! A fun, simple, and springy craft that looks great in the hall! 

Want to grab a few extras for this activity? Get the writing paper and vocabulary words by clicking the image above. 

Hope this craftivity is fun addition to your classroom!

Happy teaching,


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