Classroom Organization Freebie - Free Bin Labels for Teachers

Hi friends! I'm finally on summer break and getting ready to move into my sixth classroom/space in seven years of teaching. 😅😅😅

Last year, I was preparing for two big moves, one to a temporary space since construction was taking longer than expected and then another move during Christmas break. During the second move, we moved into our brand new building! A little stressful, but it was nice to go through my things and get rid of some of the stuff I've been holding on to!

Before the big move, I needed to get rid of my file cabinet. I've always used my file cabinet for my centers, posters, and other random things....but I've never really liked it. My things always got folded, ripped, and I have a hard time finding what I needed! Since we would no longer have our file cabinets, I needed to change up my storage!

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These are the EXACT bins that I used! They are from Sterilite and are very good quality! These bins have lasted me many years and through many, many moves! They are kind of an investment, but I think they are totally worth it! I love that I can easily stack and store them. Since these bins can be an investment, I slowly ordered them, a few sets at a time, and began organizing my things. They come in sets of six. If you want something a little less expensive, check out the bins below. 

These bins are almost the exact size as the ones I used and come in sets of four. They are quite a bit cheaper than the ones I listed above. I found these bins (below) on Amazon

As I organized my things, I made labels so I could keep track of everything. I organized my things by seasonal resources and by skill. Below I will link a free and editable template so you can make your own! These labels will fit the bins shown above from Amazon.

After I created and printed my labels, I laminated them. I love my Scotch Laminator! It hears up quickly and is jam-proof! It has also lasted me a few years. I love using this laminator because the lamination pouches always seem to make my labels so much more sturdy than the school's laminator.

To attach the labels, I used VELCRO coins. That way, I could easily change out the labels if I needed to. Plus, as a special education teacher, I always have a TON of Velcro! You could also use a hot glue gun! Below is the one that I use for crafts in my classroom and at home.

Finally, you can grab the labels FREE! Make sure you read the instructions on page 2 on how to duplicate the pages so you can create as many as you want! I've also included a printer friendly, white background, version too!

I hope this post and freebie were helpful! If you use these labels, I would love to see them! Feel free to tag me on Facebook or Instagram! :)

Happy organizing!


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  1. If you put two sheets of labels with the backing to backing and laminate, then you trim around the edges, you'll get two laminated sticker sheets out of one laminating pouch.

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