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Since I'm in a larger space, I was excited to bring back my reading area. Above it, is one of the spaces I will display student work. 

I ended up adding the "Amason Work" coming soon signs to my board since it looked a little empty! You can grab the sign FREE here!

I got the farmhouse pillows from Amazon. I actually stole them from my The blue backrest pillow is from Aldi. I'm not sure where the book shelf is from. My mom had bought it a while ago and was looking to donate it so I grabbed it for my room! I've linked the bulletin board decor (paper, border) below!

I've gotten a lot of questions on the mason jar. It's a freebie from a blog post I did a while back ago. You can get the one pictured above or one that says "school" instead of kindergarten. I've also linked a tutorial on how to enlarge it in the post!

I've gotten a lot of questions about my "Starbooks" sign too. Unfortunately, I can't share the exact one seen here since it contains the logo. I did create some other options you can grab for free below!

I styled my focus wall in a similar way to my student work board. I used a string light banner and covered the board with shiplap paper and outlined it with lace. I meant to make some big flowers for it but... I ran out of time and bought some flowers and leaves off of Amazon. I added some pocket charts too so I can easily change out my focus! Click the links in the text to grab the decor. 

I have a huge whiteboard in the front of my room. I used it for my writing posters, zones of regulation check in, word wall, and classroom rules. I also put my alphabet over the board.

In order to include everything on this board. I sectioned it off with this decorative duct tape. It comes in packs of four so you get A LOT with this purchase but it's so pretty! 

On the first section, I included my writing posters. I've used these for years and just redid them in a farmhouse theme.  The writing pencil sign was a Target Dollar Spot purchase I made years ago! 

 I put my "Zones" posters below the writing posters. Once my students begin school, I will take their photos and put them on magnets. I have students move their magnet to their zone or how they are feeling. You can grab the feelings posters free here!

My word wall is in the center of the board and it take up the majority of it! I add sight words as they are introduced throughout the year.

On the top of the board, I added some burlap. I just kind of looped and stapled it to make it look ruffled. I included some pictures below.

Above the burlap, I included my alphabet. To go with my farmhouse theme, I did a mason jar alphabet!

Next, is my sink area. I added a peel and stick backsplash which I'm obsessed with! It really gives it a homey feel. Best of all, it was under $10, and so far it's stayed up and the heat and hasn't taken the paint off of my wall. I was definitely concerned about that since we're in a new building. According to the reviews on Amazon, it does not take the paint off and when putting it on, we stuck and unstuck it quite a bit and it didn't take any paint off. You can grab the same backsplash I used here.

On my sink is my teacher toolbox. Unfortunately, the same one I've used is no longer on Amazon. I found a similar one. Click here to check it out. The only big difference is, there are not the two larger drawers in the middle. The one that I used was originally gray so I painted it. I love this paint! The color is so pretty and it's a paint+primer in it so it was really easy to paint!

I haven't added the drawer labels yet. I just made them for the drawers I needed so I will need to add more options before I upload them to my shop.

The flower pots are Rae Dunn. You can get Rae Dunn at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Homegoods. 

My students share supplies so I keep some of them on the tables in caddys and the rest on a moveable cart. This is the first year I have done this so we'll see how it goes! 😬

To store my books, center materials, and sensory items, I use these cube bins from Amazon.  I also store my students data binders and things above it (their names are blocked out) in these teal book bins

Finally, I decided to really change up my door! After sticking, resticking, changing out the words, changing my flowers to succulents... it’s finally finished! I was able to combine some of my favorite things to create this door and I hope my students like it and are inspired by it too!  

I uploaded the letters to my TpT shop and the succulents are from Teacher Created on Amazon. 

Check out my Amazon storefront to grab everything in one place!

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2018-2019 Classroom

Please note, this blog post may contain affiliate links. That means I can receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase from one of the items linked. Affiliate links allow me to keep blogging and providing more freebies to you! :) You can read more about this at the bottom of my post!

My classroom door! Get the mason jar printable free and learn how to make this door by checking out my blog post here!

Grab these posters here!

One of my favorite parts of my classroom is our reading strategy board! I was able to make it interactive by adding binder clips to my strategy animals and hanging them on Command Hooks

Now my reading strategy animals can come off of the wall!

Our writing center! Check out my blog posts for some tips to set yours up!

I love all of the chalkboards in my room! I've tried many different kinds of chalk and chalk markers work best for me! These VersaChalk Markers are my favorite! 

How wonderful our my custodians?? They helped me move my chalkboard with my zones! Our custodian even put it back up for me! 

My teacher toolbox got an update this year! I've been meaning to add the labels to my TpT Shop. Of course I needed a little Rae Dunn in my classroom! 

Inspired by The First Grade Parade!

A couple of first week activities!

2017-2018 Classroom

This is my new door! If you would like to create a similar door check out this blog post by clicking here!

Above my library is my reading strategy board. It was tough to get a good picture because my window is right above it. I updated the posters for this year! I'm hoping to add them to my TpT shop soon as a freebie! 

These Target adhesive labels really help to keep me organized! The top is organized by reading level and the bottom is organized by genre. 

Our library!

My Teacher's desk!

This summer I got married so I needed to update the chalk sign on my desk! I also relabeled my file cabinets to try get more organized before our big move!

Another change I made this year was switching up my centers! I decided to organize them according to skill. Each one contains the skill along with a student friendly "I can" statement. My students have checklists with what they need to complete during the week. Again, I found another use for those Adhesive labels! I'm hoping to blog on this later once I've had a chance to try it out!

Our guided reading area!

This is the view of my room from my desk. 

A closer look at my Levels of Understanding board. I love using the cards for a quick check at the end of a lesson. Grab your own copy here!

Our writing center! Check out one of my blog posts for some tips to set yours up!

2016-2017 Classroom

Here is my door! I love that it is the first thing students will see!

My teacher's desk

Our writing center! Check out how to set up your own here!

Zones of Regulation Board
This is officially my favorite part of my classroom! ❤️ Last year I was so fortunate to work with some amazing teachers who are implementing The Zones of Regulation! The Zones of Regulation is a way to teach self-regulation by categorizing feelings into four zones. It helps students to regulate their behavior and identify and use coping skills.  To use this board: students have a picture of their face on a magnet, in the white frame. They move their magnet to the zone they are in. Then they can choose a coping skill or sensory strategy. I have seen so much improvement in my students behavior since I began using it! Get more info about The Zones here!

Our library!

Our guided reading and small group instruction area.
The dots are dry erase and I purchased them from 5 Below!

The other side of my door. I had a lot of fun making this wreath even though it is typically not seen since my door is almost always open. ;) 

Glitter and Glue 4 K-2 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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