Five Simple Fine Motor Tasks to Include in Your Centers

Building up fine motor strength is so important for your little learners! With limited time and resources in the school day, it can seem difficult to fit it in. Did you know you can build fine motor activities into your centers? I've got five great activities and resources you can implement in your classroom tomorrow! With little to no prep (some are as simple as printing) you will be ready to go in no time!


1. Clip cards 
Oh how I love clip cards! They are simple to prep and you can use them in pretty much any subject area for all different levels of students!

Literacy clip cards for multiple levels here!

FREE missing number clip cards here!

Did I mention you can use clip cards in almost any subject area and for all levels? I've included another example below of some quick clip cards I used to practice spelling and decoding CVC words! The possibilities are endless! You can use them with math facts, fractions, vocabulary terms, prefixes and suffixes- if you teach older students!

Here are some word cards I got free on TPT! I just added clothes pins and I was ready to go! (Sorry, I can't find the original link to the creator of the word cards) 

2. Q-tips 
Practicing spelling can get so boring when it's just paper and pencil! These spelling papers are so easy to make!  All you need is the free font, Janda Polkadot Punch! You can get the font, with many more, free from Kimberly Geswein by clicking here! Once you've created your spelling papers you just need some paint and Q-tips!

3. Beads 
Beads are something new I have added to my centers! My students love using beads to spell out their words! You can get them in all different colors, shapes, and sizes! Check it out here! Students can also model addition and subtraction equations on them! The kiddos love it and it's great fine motor work!

Building sight words with letter beads

Decomposing numbers with beads. Get the printable
free here from Little Minds At Work!

4. Punch Cards
I can't believe how much students love to use a hole punch! Maybe it's because I dislike it so much…. Anyway, using a hole punch is a great way for students to build up their hand strength and if you can add in an academic component, you've got a great center! Check out my favorite activity below!
Letter identification punch cards. 
Punch the letter and check your answer! 
You can get these punch cards at my TPT shop by clicking here!

5. Play-Doh
If your students are like mine, then they love anything that involves Play-Doh! It's fun for students and you can use it in so many activities! So get your little ones engaged while building up their muscles with some play-doh!

Click here to get the Play-Doh work mat seen above for free!

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